Are you no longer working full-time? Now is the perfect time to make the most of life. Barnsley u3a offers you the chance to develop your interests, make new friends, and enjoy yourself.

We are a friendly and vibrant community with over 1300 members from Barnsley and surrounding areas. With more than 100 activity and interest groups, including language, arts, music, science, technology, and wine appreciation, there's something for everyone. Experience member's meetings, monthly talks, leisure activities, fitness classes, outings, quizzes, and much more.

Our members are embracing life, continuing their creative, educational, or social interests in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Those with a lifetime of experience, expertise, or know-how in professions, occupations, or hobbies are encouraged to form activity groups and share their knowledge with fellow members.

Why not join us for the opportunity to develop your interests, make new friends, and have fun? A world of new experiences awaits you at Barnsley u3a, so what is stopping you?

Learn, laugh, and live!



Featured Group of the Week

Sing & Strum


Sing n Strum has moved to Mapplewell and Staincross Village Hall, Darton Lane, Barnsley, starting the new year with success. We offer singing accompanied by guitar in a live singalong experience. Songbooks provided. Led by Peter Creasey, with over 60 years of musical experience, and his wife Kim on bass guitar, we create a fun atmosphere for our 20-plus members every Friday morning, with a different songbook each week.








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