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Barnsley's industrial legacy, rooted in mining and glassmaking, has largely faded, leaving behind dismantled pit heads and repurposed slag heaps. Nonetheless, nestled among ancient villages and historic parkland, and adjacent to the Peak District, Barnsley remains a haven for history enthusiasts and nature lovers. The newly established Experience Barnsley Museum, housed within the Town Hall, offers invaluable insights into the region's rich history.

Our u3a, founded in July 1996 with fewer than 30 members, has experienced rapid growth and now boasts approximately 1,200 members. Barnsley & District u3a attained Registered Charity status in October 1999 and is an independent charity affiliated with The Third Age Trust. We provide enriching and transformative experiences for retired and semi-retired individuals. With over 100 active groups offering a diverse range of learning, creative, and leisure activities, joining us presents an excellent opportunity to forge new connections and broaden your horizons.

Membership fees are kept affordable, at just £12.00 annually, supplemented by a nominal £1.50 donation per meeting to cover expenses. Our activities, led by members, typically meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Group activities are chosen and led by members within a 10-mile radius of Barnsley's center, in line with the u3a principle of "self-help and cooperation." No remuneration is provided for their efforts, fostering a spirit of mutual support within our community.

The u3a movement has thrived nationwide, with over 1,500 u3as and nearly 400,000 members across the country.


Barnsley u3a

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