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1) Logging into the System

2) How Coordinators can amend Group members and their group details

3) How to get a reply to a group email you sent

4) General Question help


1) Logging into the system:

How to get onto Simple Membership.

Enter your username (this is case sensitive). If you don't know your username please contact the Membership Secretary Trudy Atkinson, or the Web  Manager, who will be pleased to advise you.
Ignore the password box completely for now as you haven't yet created one on Simple Membership.

Below that box is 'Forgotten password'. Click this. It will then tell you that you've been sent an email to reset your password. This should arrive in your mailbox within 30 seconds.If it's not there it could go into your junk folder as it doesn't yet recognise the site.
Click on the email to reset (create) your password. Follow the parameters it asks for.Your password needs to be at least 8 letters or characters long. Don't use the ? symbol as it can cause problems.
 You then return to the login screen, enter your username and the new password you've just created.  

'Login' will have changed to 'Logout' . Click on Control Panel in the top right corner, and you are in!
Once you log in you will have access to the features only available to logged in members.

See and update your personal details
View events
Join groups and group events
View emails you have sent or received using our system
View your payments and receipts (this is a 'work in progress')
View the events you are booked on and those where you are on the waiting list
View your groups, and those where you are on the waiting list

Note: You will be automatically logged out after about 2 hours, but if you wish you can log back in straight away


2) How Coordinators can amend Group members and their group details

2a) Basic Guide - How to Set up a Group Page - Click on the Link Below

2b) Amending your Group Membership
Open your group page.
Then click on the icon of the people without the pencil in front of them.
This is where you amend your membership.
The centre column is where your current members are. Your name, as a coordinator, is in green.
2c) To remove a group member, find their name in this central column, and click on it. This will highlight their name.
In between the first and second columns there are some arrows. Click on the highlighted arrow pointing to the left, which is towards the first column, and your highlighted ex member will rejoin the general membership.
2d) To add a Group member, type their name into the search box at the top of the first column. This is where all the names of the Bu3a members are shown.
When their name comes to the top of the list, highlight it.
Clicking on the arrow highlighted( between the first and second columns), pointing to the right, will move that person to become one of your group members.
Click the big green tick to save it!
2e) Amending the limit of people in your group

Open your Group page.
Then click on the icon of the people holding the pencil in front of them
This is where you can amend all your group details.
To change the maximum number in your group go down the right hand side until you see the box 'Max Size'.
Amend it to your new figure.

Click the big green tick to save it!

3) How you can get a reply to the group email that you sent:

When you send a message using the SM system it comes from system@bu3a.org.uk. Sometimes, if your member returns a message using your system generated email it may come to the SM Manager but please don't worry, any that are received will be forwarded onto the coordinator

For a group member to respond directly to the coordinator they might not be able to just click reply, they have to either logon, go to your group and click the 'email coordinator' icon.Or, alternatively, the easiest way for them to respond would be if they have your email address in their list of contacts. This issue is known, and seems t affect emails from icloud more than any other. SM are trying to sort this bug out which is throughout all the u3as using SM.

4) General Questions:  

If you want to ask a question but don't know who to email, please send your question to the Web Manager, who will pass it onto the right person.